A Thread lift is a more specialized, minimally invasive version of a Facelift. The threads used in this procedure cause high amounts of collagen production in the facial area. Collagen is responsible for improving the condition of the skin giving rise to “growth factors” that drastically improve the condition of the skin. Collagen content helps the face recover after the surgery as the body’s healing response is automatically activated, through it.


During the procedure, temporary sutures are used to cause a noticeable elevation of the skin. This procedure is carried out under local anesthesia. Instead of surgically removing the patient’s skin, the Thread lift aims to tighten it by effortlessly stitching up portions of the face. Our specialists will answer all questions posed by patients and make sure they are completely informed and comfortable.


Patients begin to experience a new-found firmness and tone in their skin that rejuvenates their faces. The sutured threads placed on the face naturally dissolve over a period of a few months whilst patients can resume their daily activities post-procedure, almost immediately. Hence, the recovery period of a Thread lift is comparatively shorter when compared to a Facelift. The surgery results in an increasingly defined facial contour, leaving the face looking younger and more toned. Results are achieved with no absolutely no scarring.

Eterna offers affordable, competitive packages for treatment.

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