Various cultures associate dimples with a sense of luck, fortune, abundance and traits of beauty. The perfect dimples are considered as the epitome of grace and poise. An opening in the buccinator or cheek muscle causes one to possess a natural dimple. A minimally invasive, aesthetic surgery is used to artificially create dimples on the face. When considering Dimpleplasty, only trust an experienced professional. 


A Dimpleplasty procedure involves a routine indentation with a biopsy instrument, made in the cheek. Before this, our professionals will make sure that a local anesthetic is administered into that region, to minimize any discomfort. The patient will then be advised upon where the dimple should be placed on their face. Small amounts of muscle and fat are removed to make way for the dimples. Once the doctor extracts muscle to make way for the dimple, they position a suture from one side of the cheek to the other. The sling is simply tied together so that the dimple is quickly set in place for a lifetime. No tissue is excised in this particular surgery. Hence, the chances of excess bleeding are extremely low. The recovery period for a Dimpleplasty is straightforward and the patient can resume day-to-day activities, almost immediately after the surgery.  


Patient satisfaction for this surgery is high, giving rise to a gorgeous, chiseled face. This surgery has proven successful in giving patients a dreamy look, exactly like the one they want and deserve.

Eterna offers affordable, competitive packages for treatment. 

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