Contrary to popular belief, breast reduction surgeries are not specific only to women. Gynecomastia refers to the imbalance of hormones that leads to the significant over development and enlargement of the breasts, in men. When male estrogen levels are too high and are out of balance with testosterone levels, gynecomastia is caused. Disproportionate breasts cause men immense emotional discomfort and impair their social image.



Male breast surgery may involve liposuction, gland excision (cut-out), reduction mammoplasty, or a combination of these surgical techniques. If your breast enlargement is largely due to fat accumulation, it’s likely that liposuction alone will give a good result. In addition, the tumescent liposuction technique may be in which the surgeon would inject large amounts of fluid into fatty areas before performing liposuction. The volume of fluid causes the sections of fat to become tumescent or swollen or firm. These expanded sections of fat allow the liposuction cannula to travel smoothly beneath the skin as the fat is suctioned out, producing a smoother result and giving greater control over the amount of tissue removed. If your breasts are large because of the proliferation of the glandular component of the breast, it may be appropriate to remove excess breast tissue alongside liposuction. This surgery can be performed easily, by using either intravenous anaesthetics or general anaesthesia.


The results of this surgery are both physically and psychologically satisfying. It provides male patients with the feeling that their body is perfect because everybody needs that kind of assurance sometimes. This surgery also supports a well-toned chest that corrects your posture and helps your back muscles function effectively. Men are also inclined to take up physical activities that they may have avoided in the past, due to stigma and hesitation. Male patients place their faith in cosmetic procedures too and we at Eterna understand that completely.

Eterna offers affordable, competitive packages for gynecomastia surgery.

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