Medical practitioners have begun using Botox to human advantage over time, diluting it to counter wrinkles and furrow lines on the face. The injection achieves this by temporarily paralyzing the muscles on the face, by using neurotoxins. This results in an immediate improvement in facial lines including frown lines, crows feet lines around the eyes, and nasolabial furrows (the wrinkles between the nose and mouth).


The procedure involves an experienced surgeon gently injecting the patient’s skin or muscles with botox using a very fine needle. This procedure causes Botox to block certain chemical signals from the nerves, which help the muscles in the face contract and relax. The medical expert at Eterna will usually ask the patient to apply a topical anesthetic cream, which minimizes the pain from the injection. 


The procedure rids the face of wrinkles and provides it with a firm composition and glow. The face looks several years younger. It is amazing how Botox injections can also inhibit sweat glands in the face and reduce excessive sweating issues with patients. Botox also helps to treat various eye conditions and problems such as blepharospasms. 

Eterna offers affordable, competitive packages for Botox treatments.

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