The Forehead lift is performed to tighten the muscles of the forehead, giving the face a firmer look. Patients often accompany this surgery with a Brow Lift as well, which places the patient’s eyebrows in the best position, considering the other features of their face. These surgeries may be complemented with a Facelift or Thread Lift but can also be performed in a stand-alone manner.


The procedure involves soft tissue surrounding the forehead region to be raised. Hence, the Forehead lift is performed to achieve better positioning of the forehead and eyebrows. The Forehead Lift is a tried and tested concept, but the use of endoscopic techniques for this surgery is a new, successful innovation. During an Endoscopic Brow Lift, the surgeon will make small routine cuts on the back of the hairline. A thin tube will then be inserted here with a light and a small camera at its tip. This makes the underlying tissues and muscles more visible. This is a simple outpatient surgery, wherein clients need not stay in hospital overnight. Our doctors will promptly determine and discuss the best treatment options for patients, that is in line with their individual and specific needs.


The surgery effectively treats furrows and hooded eyelids. The patient will see a firm, elevated and proportionate set of brows and forehead, giving a youthful appearance to the face. Many patients have gone on record to mention that the Brow Lift makes them feel rejuvenated, confident and happier. Brow lines, “crow’s feet” (the fine wrinkles at the corners of the eyes) and wrinkles caused by ageing, are effectively addressed through this surgery. The cosmetic surgeons at Eterna pay great attention to minor facial details, giving you a wholesome, natural look after surgery.

Eterna offers affordable, competitive packages for treatment.

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